1-800-DENT-DOC is America’s leading national auto reconditioning solutions provider for Paintless Dent Repair, wheel repair, auto detailing and interior repair. 1-800-DENT-DOC provides best-in-class nationwide service solutions for F&I products offered by third party administers and product providers that include cosmetic repair benefits on automobiles.. We facilitate end-to-end electronic integration, with VSC Connect, that connects customers, TPA claims management teams and our professional technicians together to help create the best customer experience environment while maintaining high levels of loss control. 1-800-DENT-DOC delivers more than service, we support a world class experience!

For B2B Questions, please contact our main office at (714) 633-8324

Why Business’ Choose 1-800-DENT-DOC

  • Unprecedented Coverage | Nationwide network of more than 2,500 Technicians
  • Technician Accountability | Service Level Agreements improve accountability
  • Customer Satisfaction Index | Realtime feedback drives continuous improvement
  • Innovative Workflow & Billing | VSC Connect Improves revenue cycle

Coast To Coast Coverage

  • 2,500+ Technicians Throughout the U.S. and Canada

  • Service Level Agreements

  • Customer Experience Index

America’s Premier Automotive Reconditioning Solutions Provider

  • Paintless Dent Repair
  • Exterior/Environmental Damage
  • Interior - Stains, Rips, Tears, Burns
  • Cosmetic Tire & Wheel

Administrator / Service Provider Dashboard Features

  • White Label Claim Management portal
  • Secure Web App
  • Realtime status reports
  • Import / Export Claim info
  • Customer upload portal
  • API integration (Available)


  • Competitive Pricing
  • Volume Pricing Discounts
  • Tiered Pricing Structure
  • Technician Engagement Incentives
  • Nominal Administration Costs
  • Adjudication Services available
  • Contact 1-800-DENT-DOC For Your Business Solution – Ask For Craig