Vehicle Third Party Administrators

Find Out WHY 1-800-DENT-DOC is so Great for TPAs

1-800-DENT-DOC provides best-in-class nationwide service solutions for F&I products offered by third party administers and product providers that include a paintless dent repair benefit. We facilitate end-to-end electronic integration, with the Dash Claims Management Solution, that connects customers, service drives, TPA claims management teams and our professional technicians together to help create the best customer experience environment while maintaining high levels of loss control. 1-800-DENT-DOC delivers more than service, we support a world class experience!

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Cloud based solution for administrators, service providers, dealers and customers.

 Manage & Schedule Claims

A customer or service driver can initiate a Claim or Service Request.

 Review Claims

Customers can see the status of their claim and easily upload photos.

 Intuitive & Accurate Damage Selection

Garbage in / garbage out. Collecting the accurate details of the damage has never been more powerful.

 Loss Control

Improved loss control on a service drive or from a customer is a click away with our photo management system.

1800DentDoc App Calendar


Increase sales and improve customer service while strengthening loss control and internal efficacies.


Modernize the connection with your customer.


Revolutionizes the service driver experience and facilitates an advisor’s direct connection to the claims department.

 Service Provider

Service Providers are connected with this same powerful technology, completing the circuit of successful claims management.

Administrator / Service Provider Dashboard Features

  • Simple work flow process
  • Powerful loss control tools including photo management
  • Direct connection to authorized technicians with auto assignment
  • Priority Communications Tool keeps all information in the claim log
  • Able to integrate with existing management software

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