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    Paintless Dent Repair Video

    1-800-DENT-DOC is proud to present you with our Paintless Dent Repair Video. We produced this video to show you how we apply the PDR process to extract minor dings, dents and creases from automobiles using a special set of tools. In this video, with the use of the special set of tools, a highly trained PDR technician can remove those unpleasant dents by getting behind the damage and meticulously pushing the metal back until the damaged area is undetectable. This paintless dent repair video also shows that the PDR process is done without the use of fillers or painting and once done the integrity of the factory paint and texture are preserved.

    From our PDR video, a typical 1-800-DENT-DOC dent removal job is accomplished in a few hours, rather than a few days. When it comes to finding the time to have such cosmetic blemishes removed, chances are you simply don’t have it. Our mobile service to your home or office is your solution and we save you time compared to a conventional auto body repair.

    Paintless Dent Repair

    PDR or paintless dent repair is a great way to take care of minor dents and dings in your car without the high price tag that comes with regular body shop work.  PDR can often cost you less than half the price of going to a body shop, and 1-800-DENT-DOC can usually perform the procedure right in your driveway!

    If your car has hail damage, minor creases, door dings or other minor damage, PDR techniques may be the perfect solution.  Our technicians will come to your home or office, fix your vehicle quickly and be on their way, leaving you a happy and satisfied customer.   We guarantee it, or we do not charge you for the work we perform.


    Can PDR Fix My Vehicle?

    There are quite a few types of damage that can be fixed using PDR.  It is not the size of the dent but the type of dent and its location that determines whether PDR techniques are appropriate.  Your car can probably be fixed using PDR if:

    • You have smooth, shallow dents or dings in your vehicle’s surface. These dents can range in size from small like dimes to large like basketballs.
    • Dents in plastic bumpers, if the bumpers are still attached and the paint is not broken.

    If your vehicle has any of the following, another technique may be more appropriate for your repair:

    • Dents or creases with sharp edges or those that have been stretched
    • Damage along the edges of a vehicle’s doors, trunk or hood where there is reinforced double metal
    • Damage at the edge of a panel
    • Cracked, chipped or broken paint
    • Damage to chrome bumpers

    What Happens During PDR?

    1-800-DENT-DOC offers same-day service with qualified technicians who come to your location immediately.  We send our people out to help you quickly and we guarantee our results, or you don’t pay!

    The technicians who do paintless dent repair are not just employees who have been hired to do this job with no background.  Every PDR technician has spent hours studying and practicing this skill and are professionals who are required to prove their technique before being allowed to work on your car.  We can guarantee our results because our people are well-trained professionals.

    When a technician comes to work on your car and perform paintless dent repair, the first thing that he or she does is use a special LED light that illuminates the dent and allows the technician to position the repair tools correctly to pull the dent at the right angle.  This is a critical part of the process and involves careful observation and measurement on the part of the professional dent technician.

    Once the technician is satisfied with the angle, the dent is pulled and the metal is “massaged.”  This process generally takes only a few minutes, but the technician may take some time to ensure that the results will be perfect.  In some cases, a back-of-the-dent repair is not possible.  In these cases, the technician uses a special tool and some glue that will not harm the surface of the vehicle.  A glue pulling process or glue repair may be necessary when a dent is located in an awkward position and is difficult to reach.

    If you have questions before, during or after the repair, be sure to ask them.  The technicians from 1-800-DENT-DOC are ready to help you!

    What Are The Advantages of Paintless Dent Repair?

    If you want a fast, reliable method of dent repair, paintless dent repair is one of the best types available.  It costs less than regular body work and often results in a better repair than a filler-type job.  Furthermore, it usually takes a fraction of the time of traditional body work.
    You should be very careful when looking at a body shop to do your dent repair.  Body shops sometimes run up the cost of a repair by using Bondo unnecessarily.  This creates a more complicated repair job, putting more money in the body shop’s pocket.  Body shops typically charge a high hourly labor rate to cover the cost of employing their mechanics.  This cost is passed on to you in the form of higher fees to repair simple dents.  However, many repairs are possible using PDR and will cost you far less than a Bondo-job at a body shop.  Always ask before taking your vehicle to an expensive repair shop!

    Can I Fix Minor Dents Myself?

    Another question we hear frequently at 1-800-DENT-DOC is:  “Why can’t I just fix the dent myself?”
    Of course, you can.  However, you may not be pleased with your results.  Many of the videos on the web that show you how to pull out a dent do not show you what can happen if you do not handle the process correctly!  There are many car owners who have tried to fix dings and hail damage only to find that they have made matters worse by scratching up their paint job or even gouging their paint!
    Scored, damaged paint is more of a problem than just being an eyesore.  Without the right protection, you could wind up with a rust spot on your vehicle.  This often happens if a dent is pulled incorrectly, and you may not even realize that you have an issue until the rust is well-entrenched.  At that point, you are facing an expensive repair job.
    All in all, it is usually best to let the professionals handle dent removal.  With 1-800-DENT-DOC, that does not have to mean high bills and days while your car is in the shop!

    If you need dents, dings or creases taken out of your car, call 1-800-DENT-DOC today.  We will give you straightforward answers to your questions and provide you with quality repair service that is fast and cost-effective.  Contact us today to learn more about how we can help you get your car repaired and be on your way at a fraction of the cost of traditional auto body shops!

    Below are examples of damage that cannot be repaired using the Paintless Dent Repair Process.



    1.         What is paintless dent repair?
    The paintless dent repair process is the art of removing minor dings, dents, and creases from a vehicle, while maintaining the integrity of the factory or custom paint finish. PDR allows expert technicians to transform the damaged area back to its original condition without the need for costly body fillers, sanding, and painting typically used by traditional body repair shops, while saving you time and money.

    2.         How does the paintless dent repair process work?
    Using innovative tools and the latest in state-of-the-art technology, expert technicians are able to reach behind a damaged panel and by applying pressure gently massage the damaged area to restore it to its original bodyline.

    3.         What types of damage can be repaired using the PDR process?
    The basic factors that determine whether or not the damaged area(s) can be repaired with the PDR process include the size, depth, and location of the damage. Good candidates for this process include: Smooth, shallow dings, dents, and creases ranging in diameter from dime-sized to basketball-sized; and Dents in plastic bumpers that have no holes, tears, or paint damage and are still fully affixed to the vehicle.

    4.         Will the paintless dent repair process harm my factory or custom finish?
    With a basic knowledge of plastic and metal properties, certified technicians can transform the damaged area back to its original condition without the need for costly body fillers, sanding, and painting typically associated with conventional body shop repair work. This enables them to restore the damaged area(s), while preserving the integrity of the factory or custom paint finish.

    5.         How much does PDR cost compared to conventional body shop repair work?
    Because the damaged area(s) can be repaired without the need for costly body fillers, sanding, and painting used by traditional body shops, the cost generally runs at approximately one-third of the cost associated with conventional body shop repair work.

    The real cost savings involves the time saved by completing repairs in minutes or hours rather than days or even weeks required for traditional repair work.
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