1-800-Dent-Doc Technician Service Agreement copytesting

Technician Agreement

Acronyms and Definitions:

WE, US, DD. – 1 800 Dent Doc, LLC

Tech, Provider – 1-800-DENT-Doc authorized network representative

VSC – Vehicle Service Contract

SAP – Service Agreement Provider

PURPOSE: By signing this agreement technician is authorized to perform services on VSC claims for DD.

START DATE: This Agreement is in effect as of the date that this Service Agreement is signed by technician

SCOPE OF WORK: To perform services on VSC claims according to guidelines that are authorized by DD.


A) Contact and schedule member within 24 hours of assignment.
B) Complete assignment within 3-5 business days.
C) Be friendly and courteous.
D) Dress clean and professionally, to represent 1-800-Dent-Doc and/or your company.
E) Be prompt and arrive at the appointed time.
F) All services performed shall be in a professional, workmanlike and timely manner.
G) Proactively communicate with customers on arrival times, estimated time to complete
the work or any changes to what was previously communicated (if needed).
H) Do not move the customer’s vehicle. Have the customer move it (if needed).
I) Do not enter the customer’s home.
J) Obtain before and after photos on all claims, all pictures submitted must also use a
measuring tape and or mechanism to accurately document damage for any pending
approval or denial of claims.
K) Any additional damage not on claim MUST have prior verbal authorization from DD and
MUST be documented with legitimate pictures supporting damage reported.
L) All communication of the claim repair process, approvals, denials, and pricing is strictly
between DD and tech.

M) Claims that don’t appear to meet service agreement guidelines and are pending approval or denial from dd or sap must not be solicited by tech. once dd or sap denies claim, the tech may solicit customer on a retail basis providing the tech obtains a signed retail authorization waiverfrom the member. a retail authorization waiver will be provided by dd.
N) Any damage derived from an attempted repair as a direct result of negligence from tech
will be held liable for all cost associated with repairing the vehicle back to OEM
standards to include rental car fees if applicable.
O) Provider hereby assumes responsibility for all damage to property or injury to persons
arising from any cause and Provider hereby waives any claims in respect thereof against
1-800-Dent-Doc, LLC, and other indemnified parties, expect for any claim arising out of
their gross negligence, or misconduct.
P) Provider shall hold and supply copies of all necessary licenses, insurance or other
authorizations by any governmental body that are required to perform the Providers
Q) Upon completion, allow the customer to inspect the work and have them sign-off on the
customer authorizations and statement of satisfaction
R) Submit completed invoice to invoice@1800dentdoc.com or fax to 714-242-9000 within
24 hours of completion.
S) This Agreement shall in all respects be governed by the Laws of the State of California.
T) Upon rejection of assignment, notify DD immediately @ claims@1800dentdoc.com or
contact DD claims @ 714-633-8324.


INDEPENDENT CONTRACTORS: Provider and US are separate and independent entities, each is an independent contractor. Neither party is a partner, agent, employee or representative of the other.

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