Paintless Dent Repair Video


1-800-Dent-Doc is proud to present you with our Paintless Dent Repair Video. We produced this video to show you how we apply the PDR process to extract minor dings, dents and creases from automobiles using a special set of tools. In this video, with the use of the special set of tools, a highly trained PDR technician can remove those unpleasant dents by getting behind the damage and meticulously pushing the metal back until the damaged area is undetectable. This paintless dent repair video also shows that the PDR process is done without the use of fillers or painting and once done the integrity of the factory paint and texture are preserved.


From our PDR video, a typical 1-800-Dent-Doc dent removal job is accomplished in a few hours, rather than a few days. When it comes to finding the time to have such cosmetic blemishes removed, chances are you simply don’t have it. Our mobile service to your home or office is your solution and we save you time compared to a conventional auto body repair.

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